Evaluation Consulting Services

Program Monitoring, Logic Models, Objectives, and More

We have experience in all aspects of evaluation, and can help your organization create integrated systems for performance monitoring, whether single projects or complex statewide/regional initiatives. Working closely alongside staff, we develop systems to capture meaningful, useful outcomes, not “garbage in, garbage out”. We help clients create evaluation plans and data useful for strategic planning.

Computer Use in Evaluation

Our staff create user-friendly tools using the latest technology, with requirements that don’t overwhelm program staff, and built-in reporting to generate useful, real-time data for managers, funders, Boards, and Tribal Councils.

Coalition, Capacity and Leadership

We have developed effective mixed methods for assessing core aspects of community-based work such as coalition or collaborative infrastructure and staff capacity. We emphasize applying results to accomplish real world program improvement.

Cultural Diversity/Competence

Our staff works with and represents diverse populations. Collaboration is key to creating culturally relevant evaluation plans, methods and analysis tools.

Advocacy and Environmental Change

While Scott Consulting Partners has experience in traditional methods, we have also focused on innovative ones, such as reflection sessions, observations, and data parties. We love working with clients to try out new technology to collect data.

Creativity and Fun

Despite some people’s reaction, we believe that evaluation can be an exciting, creative (and yes, even fun!) part of any project. We truly enjoy learning about our clients’ work, both trials and tribulations, and strive to bring this enjoyment to the process.